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Construction Stakeout
Foundation Layout
Anchor Bolt Installation
Setting Leveling Nuts
Anchor Bolt Surveys
Precast Layout
Column Plumb Surveys
Crane Rail Alignment Survey
Final As built Surveys
Steel Detailing
Skylight Measurements

     Construction Stakeout
                            Foundation Layout
Field Measurements Inc. can provide your
company with a complete breakdown of all
your construction layout costs and time
requirements. Such as Site Utility Staking,
Paving, Grading & Curb Layout in an
efficient and timely manner, ensuring your
project will be completed on schedule.

Field Measurements Inc. can provide your
company with a complete breakdown of all
your Foundation Layout Cost and time
requirements. We Specialize and take
pride in providing the most accurate foundation
layout in the business. From simple spread
footing layout to complex radial and elevated
foundation walls, our system of checks and
balances with ensure accurate installation
every time.

     Anchor Bolt Installation                 Setting Leveling Nuts
Field Measurements Inc. can provide your
company with a complete breakdown of all
your Anchor Bolt Installation cost and time
requirements to accurately install anchor
bolts on your job site. With your crew or ours
we can wet set anchor bolts as your crew
continues to pour concrete without missing
a step. If the job requires we can also install
Epoxy Anchors with our personnel to ensure
accuracy, quality and relieving the foundation
contractor from the responsibilities and costly
errors that can delay or even stop Steel Erection.

Field Measurements Inc. can provide your
company with a complete breakdown of all
your Setting Leveling Nuts cost and time
requirements. An important part of Building
Erection is setting the Structural Columns to
a proper elevation. Field Measurements Inc.
can let you have the piece of mind in
knowing that when you set the columns
the first time there will not be a need for
making further adjustments during the
erection process. We also are very
experienced in setting shims in lieu of,
or in combination with leveling nuts.

     Anchor Bolt Surveys                          Precast Layout
Field Measurements Inc. has performed
thousands of anchor bolt surveys over
the past 30 years. Guaranteeing a quality
project form start to finish. An Anchor Bolt
Survey benefits all from the Foundation
Contractors to the Steel Fabricator and
Erector enabling them to make changes
prior to discovering discrepancies during
the installation process, hence avoiding
costly charges and downtime.

Field Measurements Inc. can provide your
company with a complete breakdown of all
your Precast Layout Cost and time requirements.
Precast layout is an essential service offered
by our company. In today's fast paced work
environment. Our services include, individual
panel layout, dowel location survey's, embed
location & elevation surveys, setting of shims
as well as anchor bolt location survey's. Panel
layout ensures the precast building will be true,
plumb and built within the design expectations.
Our services can be tailored to your project
needs as required by you.

     Column Plumb Surveys                    Crane Rail Alignment Surveys
Column Plumb surveys can benefit the
erector, the glaziers, masons and any
trade that may follow or attach to the
Structural Steel. Field Measurements Inc.
can take the guess work out of the Column
Plumbing process with our state of the art
equipment we can make short work of
plumbing a mufti story building, pin pointing
exact locations that may require your
attention before they become a serious
issue. Our crew can provide you with before
and after plumb surveys or work directly with
your erection team and detail crew to make
real time adjustments and place the
structure within the design tolerances.
Allow Field Measurements Inc. to provide your
company with a complete breakdown of
all your Column Plumb Survey cost and
time requirements.
Field Measurements Inc. can provide your
company with a complete breakdown of all
your Crane Rail Alignment Survey cost and
time requirements. We have extensive
experience when it comes to crane rails.
We have worked on crane runways in excess
of 3000 feet in length and over 240 feet in height.
Field Measurements field crew is fully capable
of working with the erectors to align the rails
during the erection process or working on
existing crane runways to provide and as built
survey that will bring to light any alignment and
erection issues that may need correction,
resulting in less wear on the crane itself and an
all around safer work area.

     Final As Built surveys                               Steel Detailing
Field Measurements Inc. has extensive
experience when it comes to final as-
built surveys. FMI can complete any
Request you or the local municipality
may require in a timely manner.
All field work, documents & drawings
are thoroughly reviewed by our
State of Michigan Licensed Land
Surveyor prior to submission. You 
can rest assured once your as built
have been complete they are a true
and accurate depiction of your jobsite        

Field Measurements Inc. utilizes SDS 2
detailing software to create the most
thorough and complete set of drawings
possible. Enhanced modeling of your
structure con be combined with mechanical
& electrical contractors drawings to
identify any conflicts prior to going to
fabrication. As well as modeling SDS 2
provides the ability to take your data and
import it directly into tadays modern fab
shop for mistake free fabrication.Also
when time is of the essence an advanced
bill of material can be produced in a matter
of days on even the largest project, so you
can put you mill order out as quickly as
possible. FMI uses only highly qualified,
experienced structural steel Detailers with
backgrounds in Architecture & structural
design. This group can make short work
of any project large or small and provide
you with clear and precise drawings to your standards

     Skylight Measurements        
Field Measurements Inc. has also provided as-builts
& layout points on many high profile projects such
as the National Museum, Gaylord National Resort
& hotel, Grand Rapids Regional Airport and many
other complex glass enclosed structures. Our ability
to provide critical as-built structure data in a 3-D
format to the clients in a short amount of time allowed
for numerous fabrication changes to be completed
prior to fabrication & erection witch enabled the
customer to actually beat there own installation schedules,