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During the project detailing phase, our sds2 computer technicians utilize the latest state of the art 3D modeling software, striving for accuracy, and cost savings that continue through the entire fabrication and erection process. Our project management team works together with you to keep project changes under control. We utilize our detailing talents as well as our construction measuring techniques and strategies to reduce project costs, save you time and costly changes later in the project.

Design Data has implemented a customer ID system, that will allow us to protect ourselves from liability in the use of illegal software. Each Design Data customer is given a unique ID code. We use this ID code on all bids, outgoing documents, and all of our SDS/2 drawings. This will provide legal proof that Field Measurements Inc. is a legal SDS/2 operator.

Customers, or anyone working with a vendor using SDS/2, can then utilize Design Data website and enter the unique ID code using Their new Certified SDS/2 User tool. With that tool, you can verify that you are working with a legal SDS/2 company. Together we can help eliminate the market for those using illegal software.

If you find that you are not working with a legal SDS/2 user, please contact Design Data and report this abuse to a Sales Representative. All reports will be kept anonymous. Reporting illegal software use protects you from liability and protects true Design Data customers

Field Measurements Inc. unique ID code  :   GUACV

Please visit the above SDS/2 Legal customer ID verification system link.

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